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Simplify digital outreach & engagement for your organisation

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A simple online environment for you and your team to upload, manage, and share your digital files.
We have small organisations in mind with a modular pricing structure to match your resources.
Easy to Implement: No development team or technical knowledge required to get started.
Simple design allows you to get the most out of Living Archive immediately.
Use our in-built exhibition system for outreach and engagement online, leveraging your content for maximum impact.
Access all of your files in one place. Upload, manage and curate digital content from any web-connected computer.
From the instant you subscribe, start uploading your digital files. Our cloud-infrastructure means there is always more storage capacity available when you need it.
Our easy-to-use content management system allows each team member to login with their own credentials, and to collaborate in a single environment, accessible from any web-connected computer.
Curate 'exhibitions' of your content to highlight special projects and activities. Make your exhibitions publicly visible on your Living Archive exhibition page.
Add a link to your Living Archive exhibition page and your existing website becomes a powerful, engaging, and rich platform on which to share content, and engage with your audience.
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Living Archive will be available in 2021. Sign up to our waiting list for updates.